Final Project on hold

16 04 2010

For my final project I’ll be working alongside my children to create a piece. My idea is to do a shadowbox kind of thing that will incorporate J’s Lego talent and T’s illustrations with dad acting as the creative supervisor.

This project has yet to get off the ground as the aforementioned illustrator is also a daredevil and thought she could fly on her scooter. Thank God it wasn’t worse. And yes, those were her permanent teeth.


TCAP Terminators

9 04 2010

So this week my kids are taking TCAP tests at school. I think they’re something like achievement tests I took when I was their age except these tests decide the school’s funding and I guess is part of not leaving a child behind. [ If your child can’t get what dribble they have to teach today then they probably should be left behind; at home or better yet get them a job and put them to work so we can start working on the ” no sweatshop left behind” campaign.]
I digress. So this week, spawned from the creative yet quirky mind of my 9 year old daughter ( fueled by her inherited cockiness…probably from her mom ) my kids have been making their own t shirts to wear. Crudely made with a sharpie marker, the shirts say things like ” I rock TCAPS ” or ” TCAP…THINK!!! “. So for today I volunteered to make them each a shirt with some leftover iron on paper we had laying around. After being given the text to work with, graphics request and an hour of my time, I spit out these masterpieces. ( due to zero tolerance, I was forced to replace Schwarzenegger’s gun with a snapping pencil; clever , I know. )

I hate blogging

7 04 2010

So while I’m on the subject I feel I need to express where I’m coming from. I’m 36 years old and as much as I like to think I’m hip and I’d never turn into an old fart, I’m starting to realize that I do have some old fart tendencies.
For example: blogging. I f’n hate it. I wasn’t a fan before this class and I’m even more not a fan now. I never understood what my wife saw in it. An online journal/diary? I like to think of myself as a pretty private person so why in the hell would I want to share bits and pieces of my life with any Joe blow on the interweb? I don’t care about “promoting” myself either. I’m pretty confident I can sell myself face to face. If I want you to know what I ate for breakfast and when I shit out art then I’ll call you or you can talk to me. I’m a pretty open guy in that regard.

Well enough ranting from me I need to listen to my wife share with me why her stress level is through the roof and why she’ll probably break out in hives tomorrow. Why couldn’t she just blog it?!

Hows this for a title

7 04 2010

So apparently I’ve been slacking on posting. Hell, I really don’t even remember why I was supposed to be keeping this blog. I think it had something to do with trying to find the creativity my kids seem to exude. On that note here’s a few more examples of their work

ahhhhh 1998 how I love thee

31 03 2010

This is when I KNOW I was cooler than my kids because they were’nt even around yet.

One of my favorite bands I’ve ever been in…Stereo Crush. This record has a lot of good memories for me, both in recording and playing.

Check it out or better yet download it for free.

Wish you were here

28 03 2010

Finished with the mail art. Here’s the result
Overall I’m pleased.

Mail Schmail….

21 03 2010

So this mail art piece is turning out to be a major pain in the ass. Apart from my cousin, mom and classmate I haven’t received anything I need yet and may have to go a drastically different route last minute. Yet another reason I like working by myself.