TCAP Terminators

9 04 2010

So this week my kids are taking TCAP tests at school. I think they’re something like achievement tests I took when I was their age except these tests decide the school’s funding and I guess is part of not leaving a child behind. [ If your child can’t get what dribble they have to teach today then they probably should be left behind; at home or better yet get them a job and put them to work so we can start working on the ” no sweatshop left behind” campaign.]
I digress. So this week, spawned from the creative yet quirky mind of my 9 year old daughter ( fueled by her inherited cockiness…probably from her mom ) my kids have been making their own t shirts to wear. Crudely made with a sharpie marker, the shirts say things like ” I rock TCAPS ” or ” TCAP…THINK!!! “. So for today I volunteered to make them each a shirt with some leftover iron on paper we had laying around. After being given the text to work with, graphics request and an hour of my time, I spit out these masterpieces. ( due to zero tolerance, I was forced to replace Schwarzenegger’s gun with a snapping pencil; clever , I know. )




One response

9 04 2010

Bishop would’ve loved those! He was really tense about the math one because he didn’t finish. I kept on trying to tell him, dude, NOBODY finishes those, probably Bill Gates didn’t finish his when he was your age, assuming they had to take standardized tests to get school funding at his school with the silver-spoon-in-mouth entry requirement, but it didn’t help.

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