Refrigerator heroes

27 01 2010

Last Saturday I got up around 830 and headed straight for the coffee. Sitting there at the kitchen table was my beautiful 8 yr old daughter. She was halfway through her latest masterpiece; a nature scene complete with sunset, a pond, a tree ( with shadow cast upon the water ) and flowers. The sunset had all the right colors: golds, violets and pink. All her strokes went the same direction; none of that hurried, ” I gotta finish this crap so I can watch tv” coloring. Every stroke was thought out and every color contemplated as if it would be shipped directly to the museum for display. All this just because.
I grabbed my coffee, some paper and pen and sat next to her. There was a monkey skull necklace in front of me. We don’t generally decorate our kitchen table with the voodoo like remains of a jungle native but it was a gift for my son from his papaw who had recently visited Peru. Not much on inspiration, I decided to try to draw the skull. First of all, I always tend to draw more realistically; just like I see it. Second of all that’s way too much detail for 830 in the morning. After tossing it to the side, I asked my daughter to give me something, anything to draw. “Nature. Draw nature”, she said. ” I hate drawing nature”. ” Then draw a peanut”, she snapped. Ok cool I’ll draw a peanut. Then I started with the same old thing, just drawing a realistic, slightly oversized peanut. Then I got crazy and decided to put human characteristics on the peanut. That’s never been done before, right? Then it hit me. My daughters name starts with “T” and sometimes that’s just what we call her. I’ll make this into a T-nut. Brilliant! So that’s what I did. I drew a peanut with her glasses and signature 1985 Walkman headphones because her ears are to small for iPod plugs. By this time my son had joined the party so I HAD to draw one for him. I incorporated his obsession for legos and his skater-punk hair and the rest is history.

Below: J’s self portrait…freakin genius!

Below: T’s butterfly etching. Sponsored by Papa John’s




3 responses

28 01 2010
etsu art projections

how old’s J?

30 01 2010
Timothy A. Smith

J is 10

30 01 2010
Mary E

You are an amazing Dad and artist.

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