My accomplices

28 04 2010

Here they are!



27 04 2010

I am very proud to present, “Welcome to Earth”, our ode to 50’s sci-fi, comic books, youthful imaginations and art.

Thank you Judah and Taylor for your inspiration everyday. I love you both very much.

Placement is everything

27 04 2010

Next I laid out all the pieces we had made and tried to create a scene. The right side always seemed to heavy no matter what I did. So I knew this was something I’d need to work on.

Its time to paint the clay boys n girls!

27 04 2010

Next we ( and by we I mean “I” ) painted all of the characters we’d made. The big robot was modeled after a 50’s sci fi movie poster. Pretty sweet.


26 04 2010

So this is what should have been up before Phase 1 but it’s such a pain in the butt anymore to get pics off of a camera when you can use your iPhone in a matter of minutes to take pictures and post your blog.

Anywho…When we started we thought we would have J use Legos and have T do illustrations. The only problem was we didn’t know anything more than that. So we pulled out old bags of trinkets and toys we had once displayed throughout the house. Some things belonged to my wife and I when we were younger, others to the kids and some even older than our entire family (some nice treasures my Father in Law had picked up).

After rummaging through these things we started to form ideas about aliens and monsters and the big city.

As you can see in the phase 1 post before this, we started working with clay instead of Legos.

Phase 1

24 04 2010

I still havn’t gotten the pics off of my camera showing some pre game brainstorming but I did get some pics on my phone of today’s phase 1. Judah and I worked on sculpting and T bear worked on the background which we scanned in and worked on the layout. I am loving working with my kids.

Final project is underway

21 04 2010

Met with my staff today, aka my kids and brainstormed some ideas. My daughter will be focusing on the background while my son works on props and stuff between legos and clay. I’m still not sure what we are going for or how it will all pull together. I plan on sticking to what we do know we want to do and assembling everything at the end. We did sketch out ideas and made a trip to pick up supplies we at least think we will be using. Pictures to follow as soon as I get them off my camera.